About Us


The salve that started it all! I remember being in my aunt Karol’s kitchen, her and my mom visiting and laughing as they made huge batches of Green Salve together. I remember the big nylon bags full of herbs tied above the sink and countertops as the infused oils dripped into pans. I remember the wonderful aroma of heated oil and beeswax. I am so blessed to have learned this wonderful trade. As I started having children of my own I realized the importance of natural healing and what a fantastic knowledge to be able to make this miracle salve! I wanted to understand more and began researching the healing properties of herbs and essential oils and even the base oils and beeswax! Wow! This stuff can heal my son’s eczema! My husband’s athlete’s foot, my stretch marks! The list goes on! Well, one day my dear friend Sandi came over as I was making a batch of black salve. She sat at my counter as I showed her all my wonderful healing salves that I had developed over time. I saw a gleam in her eye and Farmhouse Remedies was born.