Due to a fire and loss of our crafting room and supplies, we are temporarily closing till we can get things out back together. Thank you for understanding and we are very sorry for any inconvenience.

Green Salve


This powerhouse does a little bit of everything!

Bug bites, bee stings, bruises, burns, chapping, chafing, cuts, diaper rash, dry skin, eczema, infantigo, rashes, scrapes, sunburn, etc.




  • Comfrey, Echinacea, Plantain, Calendula, Yarrow, Rosemary, Safflower, and Basil infused Olive Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Copaiba and German Chamomile Essential Oil

Each batch is lovingly hand mixed, hand labeled, and hand poured, by us. Ingredients and materials may vary slightly in some batches and with the organic nature of many of our materials, each batch may vary slightly in color/texture and appearance.


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