Gift Box


Green salve – Great for chaffed knuckles, chapped lips, bug bites, cracked feet, dry skin,  and more!

Cough salve tin – Helps to break up mucous in chest to promote deep breathing.

Goat milk Lotion – Softens and soothes dry, itchy, and cracked skin. Great on all skin types!

Beeswax Lotion Bar – Convenient for on the go. fits perfectly in purse or coat pocket. just open the tin and rub a little on and your good! Especially great to use after all that sanitizer!

Goat Milk Soap – Wash hands often without the drying and cracking! Goat milk soap will nourish and soothe as you wash!

Immune Boost Tincture – Herbal infusion packed full of high C and other immune boosting herbs!

This is the perfect Christmas Gift!


1 Green salve (or salve of your choice)

1 Goat milk Soap (or soap of your choice)

1 Cough Salve tin (or tin of your choice)

1 Goat Milk Body Butter

1 Beeswax Lotion Bar (Cranberry)

1 Immune Boost Tincture


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